Sunday, June 20, 2010

Junior Pigeon Dot Com

I get quite a few emails from people who ask me why I'd spend "so much time" on a website that is negative. The truth is, I don't spend very much time on this website. But back when I started IHATECROCS, it was definitely needed. For my own sanity.

I'm sure I've told the tale before, but the origin of IHATECROCS is as follows: I was in high school. I had lived a Croc-free existence for my entire life. Suddenly, into the room walks someone wearing Crocs. My friend Matt pointed out to me the ridiculousness of the shoe. But, they were only being worn by that one weird guy in the class, so I thought nothing of it. We made fun of the shoes because they were so bizarre and ugly. Some time passed.

More people started wearing them. It was very strange. Like a virus or an outbreak of zombies. It was spreading. People in my group of friends started wearing them. And then... one day... Matt got a pair. Matt, the guy who had been making fun of Crocs with me. The guy who pointed them out to me! He was wearing a pair of black Crocs. I didn't understand. I had to know there were other sane people in the world. I started up IHATECROCS and that's how you come to be looking at these words.

All of this is just a roundabout way of letting you know that I have another site and it's not about hating things. It's called Junior Pigeon Dot Com and my girlfriend and I started it as an outlet for our various projects and hijinx. So, check it out! We're going to do cool things!

The MacKenzie / Ravina Memorial Toaster from Junior Pigeon on Vimeo.