Saturday, February 10, 2007


Sometimes people will write us and say, 'Hey, Vincenzo and Kate. How come you guys have no lives?' And you know, we have to take issue with that. We have lives! Kate is an art student and I am a journalism student. We work hard at school and also at our respective jobs. We have friends and families, just like all of you. We don't just hang out in the IHATECROCS offices all day, reading from the ticker tape and drawing funny things on the Post-It notes.

No, sometimes we like to take a break from the offices and take walks on the grounds of our estate, talking about old TV shows we used to watch. Like the Powerpuff Girls or Hey Arnold.

A few days ago, in fact, we were doing just that. We had just strolled past our horse enclosure when I mentioned the old TV show, ReBoot. It was about the 'people' that live inside your computer. They fought viruses and whenever the 'user' put in a game to play, the people would have to be the AI of your games. They had these circular things on their chests that they would tap twice and say 'REBOOT'. I suggested that we make those things into buttons, for other Canadians who remembered the show fondly and wanted to have a ReBooter on their chest to tap twice and say 'REBOOT'.

This is all just a round-about way of explaining why there are two new buttons available for purchase in the IHATECROCS shop that have nothing to do with hating Crocs. We're sorry if it blows your mind.

Here is a helpful link to the shop, if you want to check it out.

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