Saturday, March 01, 2008

a thoughtful letter

We received the following very thoughtful email from Sarah L:
Hi Crocs haters,

Although we have theological differences regarding footwear, I have to say that I enjoyed watching your videos on Facebook today. I really would love it if you tried microwaving a pair of Crocs - their website strongly urges you not to unless you want to miniaturize your shoes.
Your site and its logo are pretty clever. Keep up the good work.

Can I share my own love/hate crocs story with you? In the fast few years of college, I have gone from hating to adoring to tolerating these bizarre shoes. First, I thought they were fugly. Then, my friend Maura bought 3 pairs and I caved in to buy some for my closed-toe-shoe requiring summer job. $55 dollars and a year later, I have narrowed the times and places where these shoes are acceptable.

Pro Crocs points
  • First and foremost, the circulation-stimulating nubby things on the sole helped me though my recovery from a circulatory disorder. Thanks to the bumpy footbed, my legs didn't get nearly as tired and cramped and I could actually walk or stand for long periods of time.
  • The waterproof/quick drying nature of the shoes is great during the warm spring deluges that attack my area of Tidewater Virginia. More stable than flip-flops, less soggy than sneakers.
  • On little kids, these are easy to slip on and off. Also you can remove sandbox debris easily. I worked at a preschool this summer, and boy was I glad half my kids didn't need shoelaces tied every 2 seconds.
  • The Crocs company is gradually seeing the light about the hideousness of their shoe, and offering more conventional looking options.
  • In a neutral color worn with long pants, Crocs are less garish. (Mine are a tasteful beige. I also own the silver ballet flats)
Anti Crocs points
  • Scrapbooking housewives embrace the most hideous hot pink variation of the shoe. Do I want to be associated with that demographic? Will my shoes make me give bad first impressions?
  • You do walk funny in them.
  • The sizing is odd - they run large because the shoes stretch out as you break them in.
  • You get pebbles, mulch, and dirt inside your shoes constantly.
  • The Crocs site advises you to "treat your feet to a new pair" once the tread is worn out. This a nice way of saying that once you have worn them to death, you will lose any traction once the shoes get wet. Some friends and I have almost wiped out on tile floors thanks to wet, treadless crocs.
  • And now for the weirdest Crocs story ever - they may be "anti-microbial" but they also absorb odors. After filling up my parent's car with gas like the good daughter I am, I discovered that some gasoline residue on the pavement had seeped into the bottom of my shoes. The Crocs reeked of Exxon-Mobil so badly my mom banished them from the house. Several hosings, scrubbings, and nights on the front porch didn't help. Finally, after a day or so of running around campus, the smell was gone. But now I have to watch where I step at the gas station.
As time passes and I get ready to head out into the "real world", I think my Crocs will have to be relegated to a role as house slippers and rain shoes. Although those new sandals look kindof cute..... If Crocs want to keep my business I suggest they sell nubby innersoles I can put in my normal-looking shoes.

Keep on hatin'
Sarah L

Interesting stuff! Anyway, what's happening in your life, everyone? Me, I'm fine. Journalism school is getting tougher, you know how it is. I recently read a Sue Grafton novel and it only sucked slightly less than I thought it would. Anyway, I think what I'll update with next is a series of photos of the shoes that I wear. Then you can insult my taste and it will be grand.

How about that TV show Lost? I love that show.