Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hate Crocs in the new year

Today, the local paper known as the Daily News published a year-end round up of various things to do with lifestyle and other such things. Included were Crocs. And us. I don't normally read the Daily News, but I was having breakfast with my friend Jasmine and she picked up the paper because a picture of Crocs were on the cover and she wanted to make fun of me. She opened it up and said, "You're in here. You know you're in here, right?" She showed me the little blurb and I was like, "Hm. Neither Kate nor I go to Dalhousie. Whatever."

Friday, December 21, 2007

happy merry christmas

Happy Merry Christmas or other wintertime holiday, everyone. Hope it is perfectly devoid of Crocs.

Kate Leth and I have personal websites, did you know? Kate has recently revamped hers.

Kate Leth Dot Com

Vincenzo Ravina Dot Com

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

just pictures

How about just pictures for a change? Most of these pictures have already been posted, but never all in one post! Click on them to make them bigger and, you know, legible.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

down to brass tacks: crocs getting skunked

The above is Michelle, a true heroine, wearing one of our bags. It looks pretty cool! I have never actually seen one of our products in real life. 'Cause, I don't know, if I ordered one for myself, it would be like a band wearing their own t-shirt, you know? It wouldn't be cool at all. But it looks totally awesome! That bag and other stuff is available at the shop, which you can get to by clicking HERE.

Anyway, down to brass tacks: I've been really busy with school (exams) and we've been renovating the manor because we decided that the library wasn't big enough and as a result, I haven't posted much recently. We've knocked down a few walls and expanded into the gardens, so it should work out just fine. We might have to nix the helipad, is all.

Posting also occurs less frequently this time of year because Crocs don't come out much in the wintertime. And hopefully this winter will be the one that finally rids us of them permanently.

Here are an email that recently came off the ticker tape machine:
I started a website after I received the formal in writing go ahead to start Logo Crocs Dot Com. I thought I would get a ton of hits and sell imprinted crocs. Well I just received a fancy attorney letter that they have changed their policy. I hate crocs also.
Penny Fleming
Strange how websites that might actually make Crocs some money are being shut down by Crocs while we have been going strong for quite a while now. This is Little Rubber Shoes Dot Com all over again.

An email from Mary Bradshaw:

to, stupid croc hater
you are sooooooooo stupid for not liking crocs. me and one friend want to informaion about your STOOPID evil videos!!!!!!

from,croc lover
ps, GET A LIFE!!!!

Rarely have so few words made less sense.

Steve Tuttle recently send us this picture: