Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back from new york

OK, so I've been back from New York for AWHILE. I just haven't updated. So, New York was awesome and my visit to the Mad Magazine offices were a dream come true, since I've been wanting to visit those offices since I was a kid. I've been reading Mad Magazine since my mother would let me. And to be shown around by Dick DeBartolo, a living legend, was just amazing. But you probably don't care about that! If you do, there are pictures of my trip at my personal journal, HERE.

Anyway, what is new in the world of Crocs? Well, we've got this story that Coral emailed us. Check it out.

(Email removed by request)

Thanks for writing, Coral.

The European Championship is going on! GO ITALY.

Monday, May 05, 2008

out of office autoreply

I'm off to New York, everybody. Heading off to the airport in a couple hours. Hold down the fort, OK? Don't burn the carpet.