Wednesday, September 26, 2007

kate turns 19

Yes, Kate turns 19 today. You guys know Kate. She's the co-founder of this website and posted a whole lot while I was away in Italy/Tunisia/England for five weeks. She's the one cutting up the yellow Croc in our Cuttin' Crocs video? Remember? She's in the burning Crocs video with me? Guys? She's got a tattoo of a cupcake on the back of her neck?

Do you remember her yet? No? Whatever. Anyway, she's 19 today. Awesome, right?

Here is a random assortment of emails:
Ive worked for the company for about a year now and i could not agree with you more. I have to wear them day in and day out and i've never hated anything more than these shoes. I hate having to lie to people and say that I like them. Cause they're just hideous foul beast who shouldn't have existed in the first place. Plus people who buy them are retarded in all sense of the word.
UR MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what? Doing what you do really stinks. You can stop your cruddy website now. If you don't, do something about it.. Also, You make me the saddest person alive. Crocs RULE! : P
Spencer Gwakslenshbeild

you people are a freaking joke! This is the dumbest thing to do with ones life that I've ever heard of. What the heck would make people, seemingly intelligent people, create a website such as this "I hate Crocs". Get a freaking life and pursue some worthwhile effort with the time the Lord has given you.
Surely you are putting the world on!!
Well, there's not much one can say to the latter two people who emailed us other than "Chill out, guys. It's Kate's birthday."

Monday, September 17, 2007

you can stop emailing us about this article now

Also, just because we've gotten about ten emails about this in the last half hour or so, there's an article about the dangers of Crocs on escalators on the front page of Yahoo. So, check it out! Thanks to everyone who emailed. You know who you are. And you know that you're beautiful.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hi gang.

I'll be updating with less frequency because school has started back up again and, as you may already know, I am a journalism student by day. Yes, I Hate Crocs Dot Com takes up only a sliver of my time. And since winter is coming soon, the Crocs will thankfully be going away. Apologies to those in Australia and other such places, for whom summer is coming.

I was recently at a party trying to get a cork out of a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Anyway, eventually I forced the cork into the bottle and fountain of red wine spurted forth and a couple drops landed on my white shirt. I soaked those parts with water and then put some dish detergent on the spots and then washed away the detergent with water. Which reminds me of this email we got:

Hi I just want to share a story about Crocs that I sent to the company but keeps being returned from there web site. This is something that happened to me this summer.

Hi I have a comment about your croc footwear. I received a pair of crocs for father’s day this year I wear them around the yard while doing chores .And I wear them when I go to the camp. On July 21/07 while at the camp I was wearing my crocs and it was raining all day and I noticed that they were very slippery on the wet deck, a slip here and there. Later that evening I was coming down a grass covered hill and it was still raining. The next thing I was on the ground holding a broken ankle. I am starting to believe that crocs are a dangerous product. I finally got my cast off two weeks ago and still not feeling great. Why would you sell a product that has no traction and that is very slippery when wet? These were purchased at a marine supply store, all these people buying them there to wear on their boats where it is wet most of the time. This seemed to be a great product but I think I may have to do a little more research on this kind of problem with crocs, and decide if I will release my story to all. I would be nervous to wear them again. Your input to this problem would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin

So I can not get a response to this I want to share with every one. I HATE CROCS

Thanks kevin

And there you have it.

Cruggs are horrifying and I liken them to how we are breeding superbugs on account of the proliferation of antibacterial products.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I hate Crocs so much, I bought the t-shirt

Today, we got the following email in our box from our good, good friend Parker. I quite enjoyed reading it and taking a look at the pictures attached! Check it out!

Dear Vincenzo and Kate...

First of all, your shirts are fantastic; my first visit to your site resulted in my purchasing shirts for my sister (who lives in Ann Arbor, MI), my boyfriend, and myself. Washington DC seems to be the unofficial Crocs capital of the world and something needs to be done.

On Friday, I celebrated my birthday with a group of friends and Spencer (the boyfriend) wore his anti-Crocs shirt with pride. Granted, he was denied admission to one establishment (despite his shirt's awesomeness, the bouncer insisted on a collar), but he was showered with compliments all night. I also happen to think he looks damn fine wearing it. I've attached a few photos…Keep up the outstanding work!

Happy birthday, Parker!

Also, a reporter recently asked me to tell them the story of this site's origins and about our t-shirts and why we hate Crocs. I sent them the following:
I first saw Crocs in high school. My friend, Matt, and I saw this other guy wearing them and we thought they were ridiculous. We proceeded to make fun of them amongst ourselves, jokingly saying that the holes were aerodynamic and for speed. We didn't think too much of them because there was only one person in the class wearing them and he was the token weird guy. Anyway, a month or so later, lots of people are wearing them. And then Matt, the very same Matt who made fun of Crocs with me, had his very own pair. The traitor.

Then, I was reading my friend Kate's LiveJournal. Kate was the only friend I had who was as vehemently opposed to Crocs as I was. Everyone else owned them. She wrote an rant about Crocs on her journal and I thought, "I should buy the domain I Hate Crocs Dot Com." So, I did. I told Kate about my purchase and she said, "Dibs on lay-out!" And thus, our beautiful partnership was born.

My t-shirt design was the first in the shop. It was just a yellow Croc with a 'NO' sign over top of it, like on 'No Smoking' signs. Kate designed the ones with scissors, because she is the graphic design genius. She's really quite amazing in her prowess, I think. We made those and the site really just took off on its own. We were getting a lot of hits fairly early on. We started getting noticed by the press and blogs and such pretty soon after. At this point, we've been mentioned in Radar Magazine, Maclean's Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Slate, Salon, CBC Radio, The Christian Science Monitor and numerous other newspapers, radio stations, magazines and blogs. Kate and I wrote an article for a newspaper, Emirates Today on the subject.

I hate Crocs because they're ugly. They're chunky, luridly coloured and perforated. They are to your eyes what second-hand smoke is to your lungs.

Monday, September 03, 2007

articles of clothing

Maybe you've heard that Crocs is expanding into clothing, apparently using "Crocslite" in that particular arena, as well. This is, of course, crazy. Will people begin wearing Swiss cheese shirts, now? Will Crocs make luridly coloured bathrobes, which people will immediately begin to wear in public? Let's hope not.

As you know, we at IHATECROCS have had a line of apparel since early in this site's inception. We've recently added a few new shirts.

They come in red or dark blue for ladies and red or black for gentlemen. I hope you will enjoy them.

Reminder: the first person to take a photograph of themselves or someone else in one of our t-shirts gets something awesome mailed to them. We know someone out there has both our t-shirts and a camera at their disposal! There are probably hundreds of you! Take a picture, click click, and send it to us!

You can visit the shop HERE.