Friday, January 26, 2007

ihatecrocs orders

Just a reminder that if you live in the US or Canada and want to buy a shirt, now is the time. The free shipping for orders of over $15 deal is ending on the 31st of January and it is the 26th today. I go to Journalism school and I suck at math, so bear with me while I count on my fingers how many days that is. I think it's five.

So, if you make an order over $15 and don't want to pay shipping, just punch in coupon code FREESHIPPING07. HERE IS A HELPFUL LINK TO THE SHOP FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND SUBSEQUENT PERUSAL.

Look, everyone! Those hideous Crocs rain boots and Disney Crocs. I think we've entered into a new circle of Hell. Dante couldn't even conceive of it.

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