Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hate Crocs in the new year

Today, the local paper known as the Daily News published a year-end round up of various things to do with lifestyle and other such things. Included were Crocs. And us. I don't normally read the Daily News, but I was having breakfast with my friend Jasmine and she picked up the paper because a picture of Crocs were on the cover and she wanted to make fun of me. She opened it up and said, "You're in here. You know you're in here, right?" She showed me the little blurb and I was like, "Hm. Neither Kate nor I go to Dalhousie. Whatever."


Anonymous said...

Yeehaw. Another journalism blunder by the Daily News. Surprise surprise.

Aw well, at least they're got something right there.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I was also visiting my grandmother earlier this week and when my aunt came to visit I noticed she was wearing red Crocs - in winter! I mean, I love my auntie, but WHY??? If it were summer I wouldn't mind, but winter? Not to mention it was raining.

See, the way Crocs look don't bother me so much - it's just the impracticality of them in so many situations!

Anonymous said...

"not socially acceptable"???
i should give a fuck about societal fashion
go flush yourself mr."society"

ps i dont wear crocs

Anonymous said...

"They look like giant Swiss cheese clown shoes with airholes for speed."


Anonymous said...

We should start a movement!! Go around in packs at night and burn down the shops that stock this abomination called 'footwear'. Trailer Trash meets Redneck Ville!! Why don’t these people just throw up on their feet?
Why anyone would PAY money to look that ugly is beyond me....!

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you guys for creating this site. I am not one to "hate" a shoe. I grew up during the era of Earth Shoes. But I hate Crocs!! They look stupid with sox so people wear them like sandals and never wash them or their feet for that matter. Disgusting.

SOL's view said...

And even the imitation ones sold by the mark down stores smell like a tyre dump on a summer day.

Ugh! Hate them.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone spend their time being a hater -
crocs are great shoes - I own 10 pairs !! traditional crocs, slipper crocs, trokia crocs, full shoe crocs, crocs, crocs crocs!!!
I love em !
As a matter of fact I wear them with my business suits in the middle of winter !
I love em!
I have extra pairs at work just in case I have to wear big boots !!
I love em!!!

The Ichthyophile said...

Fuck you and your stuck up, snobbish fashion police notions.

Crocs should never be judged by any fashion standards. They are not nor will they ever be created for fashion.

Fuck the Fashion Police.

Anonymous said...

These people who judge footwear first and foremost by appearance and fashion are misguided and superficial. They think that fashion is king. They worship the ideal that clothes and footwear should only be worn if it looks attractive. They're shallow individuals who have no sense of practicality. It's a shame the creators of this blog and their associates live such shallow, vain, empty lives. They weren't raised with the right values in life or they were but have been swallowed up by the world and taught to judge people by the clothes they wear and the shoes on their feet.

I feel very sorry for them. What pitiful souls.

inflammatory writ said...

I devoted my blog entry to Crocs today.

Anonymous said...

The only people who write anti-Croc websites are insecure with themselves. Fuck, I'm not homosexual but if I want to freaking kiss a man in the middle of street, I'll do so.

And I'm married.

Anonymous said...

Oh My! So glad I found this page, I've never met/talked/seen/read anything about anyone who hate Crocs as much as I do, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear "Practical comfort loving Croc owner,"

Are you kidding me? "shallow, vain, empty lives. They weren't raised with the right values in life "
Puhleez! It's a SHOE, not bestiality or mother beating... Is anyone who disagrees with you in danger of being painted with your broad brush? Not only are you wrong, you're just silly!

CROCs are hideously ugly! They're stupid! They shrink to doll size if left in the sun!

My values are great! I am neither shallow, vain or empty.

Anonymous said...

Evaluating a shoe for on how it looks is like evaluating a shoe for how it tastes. Is there any serious criticism?

indy said...

Where are you? said...

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