Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back from new york

OK, so I've been back from New York for AWHILE. I just haven't updated. So, New York was awesome and my visit to the Mad Magazine offices were a dream come true, since I've been wanting to visit those offices since I was a kid. I've been reading Mad Magazine since my mother would let me. And to be shown around by Dick DeBartolo, a living legend, was just amazing. But you probably don't care about that! If you do, there are pictures of my trip at my personal journal, HERE.

Anyway, what is new in the world of Crocs? Well, we've got this story that Coral emailed us. Check it out.

(Email removed by request)

Thanks for writing, Coral.

The European Championship is going on! GO ITALY.


Anonymous said...

I hate men who wear crocs and I think women who wear them are gross too!,%20Clinton

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should learn to WALK before buying ANY Kind of shoes!!
Seems like a personal problem!!

Anonymous said...

Did NY all of a sudden run out of available footwear for the public to purchase? Coral is a freakin' McSpazatron. She wasn't drinking before she tripped 20 times, was she?

Anonymous said...

crocs are good for wearing around the yard, to the beach, while gardening, or MAYBE out to get coffee, but to a CONVENTION in NYC?? well you deserve to be falling down for not picking out better footwear for that kind of activity. DUHHH

Anonymous said...

Every try on a shoe before deciding to wear it to a big city and bring it as YOUR ONLY PAIR? And wow, suddenly all stores in the NYC have run out of shoes...I wonder why none of the news channels covered that. Moron.