Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hatemail from Newsweek readers

The best part of getting mail is getting hatemail. It is fun! I will tell you, I am most commonly accused of not having a life, which is always funny to me. I appreciate hatemail, because I am not a very angry person and I imagine that it must take a lot of work to get all worked up and angry at someone you have never met and probably never will meet. It's all very curious. I appreciate the effort of these hatemailers.

Here is a strange one from Michelle. She's civil and appears to agree with us.


I can’t believe there are people that have the time to “talk about shoes” –
But, since I happened across your site – thought I would speak my mind.

Crocs are just another example of society’s acceptance of the ridiculous.
With the public at large revering cartoon characters, bad behavior, and just
plain lowering the bar for expectations, is it a wonder that Crocs would be the
epitome of fashion?

Please – don’t waste the internet on anymore stupidity.

Alex, on the other hand, is not coy about it:

how can you be so stupid? i don't like them either , but waste your fucking time doing that.
you must be very miserable, go find a pussy and do something for yourself.
don't be ridiculous, who are you to judge people , if you are the one in the video ,you need to look at yourself in the mirror and do something about you own look, ASS HOLE!

That is just harsh. But it gets harsher! Here is one from "T Gackt":

My entire family wheres Crocs. They fuckin rock!

The poor guy seems to be having problems with his shift key. Maybe it sticks. Here is a perplexing one from Jason:

You are a bunch of idiots to come up with such a stupid website. Jealousy is an ugly emotion. I love the fact that the company is smart enough to advertise on your website , You are nothing more than advertising for Crocs. This is more than a fad and if you would be smart enough to try a pair on you would also understand why smart people were Crocs. Were do people like you have time for creating such stupid websites.

1. I can't imagine what we are meant to be jealous of. Croc-wearers? No. Crocs, the company? Not particularly. I mean, if offered the chance to make millions just by encouraging people to wear stupid shoes, I'd probably go for it, actually. You heard it here first, people. If offered millions, I am willing to sell out.

2. Crocs doesn't advertise here. There's some kind of algorithm that picks up words on the site and picks stuff to advertise. Naturally, it picks Crocs.

3. I have tried on a pair. I found them to be strange and cumbersome. You're right, though. I've never tried to actually become a pair of Crocs. I really never knew that smart people were Crocs. I'm glad they got a chance to regain their human forms, anyway.


Moving on... An email from Travis!

What is wrong with you people? Have you ever been out of the country? Clogs have been around for some time now, so, how do you deem it necessary to think that we need to abolish something that other people like? I don’t like them either, but its not my business to dictate who wears clogs, nor is it yours. That is why we live in a free country and get to decide on what ugly thing we wear next.

A lot of people who write in to our site don't believe in freedom of speech, just the freedom of being able to wear ugly shoes. Also, he asks whether I have been out of the country. My answer is 'Yes, a great many times.' To Italy, to Austria, to Switzerland, to London, England, to New York City, to Tunisia, to Peru, to Boston... And I've been to many of the provinces in my own country (Canada). I fail to see the relevance of the question.

Sarah really tears into us:

Hey. You guys should just shut up!! Just because you don't like crocs, doesn't mean that everyone else should go along with you!!. And it is definately not important enough to make a stupid website about it or have a FACEBOOK group!!! I like Crocs. They are comfortable and you can pass them off as tennis shoes in gym class because of the strap!! You are just idiots!! You don't have to like crocs. You are entitled to your own opinions, but you don't have to be so public and pushy about it. I have to go buy some more Crocs for school. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

See you never!!

I'm sorry that I was so pushy as to force you to visit my website, click on the email link and have you email us. My bad, as the kids say.

Michael has this to say:

U stupid noobs r so stuped! Crocs are the best shoes ever!U suck for making this website.

And if you thought that was the tersest hatemail, check out this one from Coby:

go fuck yourself,, fuck you..

Anyway, thanks to all of you who sent hatemail! It was all very amusing.

You can get to the shop by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

You Croc lovers seem to feel there is a need to defend them. If they are so "wonderful" then why do you care what people think? The product should stand on its own laurels. I guess foam laurels get kind of wobbly.......

Madrias said...

I don't like the fact that Crocs are so multi-colored with neon colors. Whatever happened to black, white, gray, normal shades of blue, green, red, and such colors?

Some people can see this many ways: some like their Crocs and won't give them up for anything. Some hate them. Others like me realize they're a fad, and, given a few years, they'll join the rest of the fads that die out.

Granted, I hate Crocs for the hideous colors and stupid TV commercials. The funny thing: I saw a Crocs commercial swiftly followed by a public service announcement warning of Crocs and other such shoes being a safety hazard on escalators.

That made my day.

Reading the webpages and leaving a digital mess for all time,

Elise / 종은 said...


that is best when people try to insult but can't even use correct grammar.

Anonymous said...

Correct grammer? Don't you start a sentence capitalized? Or are you one of those people who write in all caps or don't think it's necessary to capitalize the begining of a sentence? You did get a period at the end though.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Croc lovers who care enough to write hatemail are 12 years old and younger.

Very amusing

Anonymous said...

I'm just loving all the typos in the hate mail. Do crocs affect the brain?

Sadly, my favorite quarterback wears crocs. We gotta talk.

Anyone see the new campaign for the strange croc flip flops? Gawd, they're awful!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I enjoyed reading your hate mail. It brought many lulz.

I've hated crocs ever since the first time I saw them. Imagine my embarrasment, when it was announced that the Olympic athletes of my country, that is New Zealand, would be sporting Crocs as part of their official Olympic uniform!!

Fedaykin said...

Do Crocs affect the brain? I think not, they are the symptom, not the cause. It is a social cancer that is an integral part of the Wal-Mart/Jerry Springer demographic.

Their only defense is that they’re comfortable. Well, so is walking on puppies, but that doesn’t make it right.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

IHATECROCS ROCKS! It is great to love in a country where you can still speak freely. If you think Crocs are stupid (I do) what better way to express it than with a web site.

I am buying some of those shirts!

PS: You guys and Steve Tuttle are on the right side of this issue!

staticwarp said...

sweet christ! this site is like a dream come true! i have hated crocs for quite a long time now, but thought i was alone! all around me they keep multiplying. now you can buy little hannah montana or spongebob buttons to stick in your crocs. ugly shoes have been hip for a while now, but the ubiquitous croc really takes the cake. also, how can you wrap your foot in rubber all day long and expect it not to stink like a rotting corpse stuck in a poorly ventilated garbage bag? i pity the fool!

staticwarp said...

sweet christ! this site is like a dream come true! i have hated crocs for quite a long time now, but thought i was alone! all around me they keep multiplying. now you can buy little hannah montana or spongebob buttons to stick in your crocs. ugly shoes have been hip for a while now, but the ubiquitous croc really takes the cake. also, how can you wrap your foot in rubber all day long and expect it not to stink like a rotting corpse stuck in a poorly ventilated garbage bag? i pity the fool!

Anonymous said...

What a funny site. I like the hatemails, they're funny. I have disliked crocs until i moved from a flat to a rural house. They are quite fast to put on when in a hurry to get outside, (except when the strap is at the back, then they make you mad.). However, i started wearing them, now i have two pairs. One broken and one dirty.

Anonymous said...

Tch. I live in England, and all I ever SEE are Crocs- They're dangerous too! Some old lady near us broke her leg cause she slipped in them, and loads of people have fallen down the stairs cause of them!
And all I can think is "Well if you dont mind dying for them, thats fine!"
Dying for comfort... And ugly shoes...

Well... Chavs seem to think they are "Kool". My god. They are mad.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i love your website, i think it's perfectttt! reading the 'hatemail' totally made me laugh out loud. so good, sooo good.

Anonymous said...

i agree with this website.
crocs SUCK

crocs... kindof sounds like crotch.
who would want to wear a crotch on their foot!


Anonymous said...

hahah! I really like your site! I think a lot of people agree with you that cracs are stupid, but i didn't realize there were so many fanatic croc-wearers out there who are so sensitive about it. ^_^ makes me want to loudly poke fun at crocs sometime and see who reacts...
anyway, keep uo the fight!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am on here doing some research for school and this is hilarious! I didn't realize people cared so much about what other people wear on their feet! Good luck at whatever your cause is.

Anonymous said...


crocs are disgusting and should be banished to the pits of hell for ETERNITY!!!

"I like Crocs. They are comfortable and you can pass them off as tennis shoes in gym class because of the strap!!" - this quote will make my year.

LOVE from IN-GER-LAND as the americans say.

Lindsay said...

My kids and I play 'croc sightings' . Every time we spot someone wearing crocs, the spotter gets a point. Not quite sure what the ultimate point of the game it, but it's fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. What is the point of wearing crocs? They are ridiculous, and make you look like trash. Why would someone wear crocs? Well, sure they may be kind of comfortable, but they should only be worn around the house. I agree with Michelle. She seems to have the right idea. This is why America is laughed at by other countries. We are all obese and we wear ridiculously idiotic shoes like "crocs". You know what I despise? People who make their children wear crocs. That is just mean. It may even be child abuse. Crocs are dangerous, because they could make you slip and fall. Ever heard of the kid who was wearing crocs and got his foot sucked into an escalator? That is exactly what I'm talking about.
Good job, America. We are officially doomed.

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eugesd said...

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Anonymous said...

I loathed crocs from the moment I saw them. They seemed idiotic - I mean, new shoes that come with holes? But, beleaguered by avoiding PVCs, propylene glycol, GMO foods, dryer sheets, clothing and products made in sweat shops, etc., etc., etc., and having the need for a pair of shoes, and having very limited funds, and trying on all the shoes that were more 'normal', I came upon a pair of crocs.

I own one other pair of shoes. I can't wear them in the winter because they are so thin. These lined crocs fit my feet, and were warm, and very inexpensive. (Yes, they are real crocs, not the knock-offs).

Still, I was wary about the material, and checked before purchasing, only to learn that PCCR, is a recycled resin mystery.

I wasn't happy about this, but then considered that most all shoes have a glue component, and, as I said, I was worn out from the constant checking to avoid things that would be more likely to have a negative impact, so I bought them. Stupid.

Whether the symptoms I've been having, the ongoing tingling in my feet, the red spot on my toe, that started within a month of wearing the shoes, are due to the mystery crock resin, or not, why take the darned chance.

There isn't a study that I know of, as there so often isn't, of long-term, low-level chronic exposure to various possible toxins - like applying personal care products containing propylene glycol, day after day after day, or wearing these mystery resin shoes, and the effect of heat from the foot - combining with the mystery resin to produce -- what?

Fortunately, I have poorly-made winter boots that I can wear to go out to the stores to try to find a pair of shoes that I can be less stupid about purchasing. But, even though I paid a very low price for the crocs, I might well send them back to the company with a note - or maybe send them to the FDA or the EPA, for that matter, with a note, asking just how comfortable they are letting people wear mystery resin shoes, or, for that matter, not labelling GMO foods.

Meanwhile, doesn't it make sense to stop wearing the darn crocs to see if the symptoms resolve? I think so.


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