Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK, OK. You're right. It has been too long. I've been doing schoolwork and junk. You know how that is. I'm in my third year of my journalism degree and my 20th year of life. It is a busy time.

Anyway, here is a selection of wonderful mail we've been receiving.

The following is from Coby Klar:

fuck u u fuckin blowjob. i from Korea and i wear crocs. crocs cool!

Klar makes some excellent points. I'll admit that I was almost persuaded by his or her argument.

The following is a supportive email from Holly:

So here is my whole thing. The thing I seem to be reading the most on your website from people who love Crocs is how you have no life to be making this website. Well what kind of life do people who love Crocs have if they have time to

1. Search or find this site in the first place
2. Read what you have to say about hating crocs and last but not least
3. Send you an email complaining about you and the website...

Hmmmmm. Good questions right. Now just as a personal note. I used to be a hard core Croc hater, till one day my mother in law bought me a pair for work. I work in retail and I am constantly on my feet, these actually turned out to be very soothing to them. But I am certainly not going to bash you for having an opinion!

Mary had the following to report:

I'm seeing an increasing number of blog entries from Crocs lovers which describe horrific foot rashes gotten from them, identical to the ones I've been getting: My Crocs are kept clean and I have always worn them exclusively with socks, yet each time I wear any of my many pair of Crocs, my feet break out in clusters of extremely itchy sub-derma blisters which erupt within 2-3 days. These blisters tend to cluster at points where the shoe rubber is in direct contact with each stockinged foot. I also get nearly the same allergic reaction, only somewhat more extreme, precisely where the metal Crocs logo rivet rests against my instep, inside the shoe. If I don't wear the Crocs, I don't get this reaction; in fact, I get no foot problems whatsoever. If I wear the Crocs for so much as a couple hours, the blister rash comes back, always in identical form, and takes a week to get rid of.

Have you heard any other similar reports?

We haven't heard anything other than what you've brought to the table. How about the rest of you guys?

The following is an email from Jaime:

I think you are crazy for posting this website I love Crocs. I understand that you have a great hate for Crocs but you don't need to share that with the world. PS I am 10 years old and seem to be more mature than you, but who's to judge how intelligent a 10 year old is compared to a 30-40 year old like you.

A Very Smart Ten Year Old

To which we responded as follows:

Neither of us is 30-40. And I fail to see how you can glom how mature we are from the website. Especially considering how incorrect you are about our ages.

But, thank you, Jaime, for writing. We receive little feedback from ten-year-olds. Who do you like for the next American president?

-Vincenzo A. Ravina

That email was sent BEFORE the American election. We now know that Obama won. And on behalf of the Canada-based IHATECROCS, I thank you, voting Americans, for voting in someone who seems intelligent. We'll have to wait and see if he actually does good things for your country, but I am optimistic. Good luck.

And yes, before you ask, it did make me feel like a big man to write a sarcastic email to a ten-year-old. We pick up self-esteem where we can, people.

Anyhow, we're getting down to brass tacks on the whole Spreadshirt sale thing. Tomorrow's the last day. Here be coupon codes:


Keep up the good fight.

You can get to the shop by clicking HERE.


MMR173 said...

I just found your website and it's great! Crocs are by far the most unacceptable shoe choice. Wait till you see this picture on my blog!

tonypark said...

Bless you.

For a while I thought I was the only person in a world who was campaigning against this crime against humanity.

I'm an Australian writer who spends six months of the year in Africa and I am afraid to report that crocs have taken over South Africa.

The low point of my current trip was being forced by some friends to watch the opening ceremony of the last Olympics. The South African team wore crocs as part of their official uniform. I fear there is no hope for this country.

But let us not give in.

We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in the camp sites... and we will never, surrender.

Keep up the good work.


Jack said...

The funniest thing about this "I hate Crocs" movement is that it's just giving more publicity to crocs and causing potentially more people to buy them. Seriously. Heck I think one of the reasons I like crocs is BECAUSE other people hate them. I do Lol.

The Lazy Iguana said...

If you really care that much about what other people are wearing on their feet.....

A - you are a chick and get a free pass.

B - you are a dude and very fruity.

Just saying. Not that there is anything wrong with being a fruit. It is a free country after all :)

Anonymous said...

what a great page! :) crocs are ugly. i tried them on and they really aren't that comfortable either. and to all those who love them, i have to say that style and comfort are not mutually exclusive (just ask Stacey London on "what not to wear"). these shoes are ugly and if people do choose to wear them (which they can, with it being a free country and all), it should be to the beach or boating like they were intended, not as every day wear. because, seriously, i don't want to look at them! is it so much to ask for people to be fashion forward? i think not! as terrible as it is, you are judged based on appearance and crocs just don't cut it. thanks for an entertaining site!

Anonymous said...

I hate Crocs and I don't see how they are fashionable at all.
I find it stupid how people bash your website because they just have to defend their precious crocs. :/
You hate crocs so what and wanted to make a website about it.
I dont see anyway how your hurting anyone. People who actually drop F-bombs at you for that. Are seriously the ones who need a life. Seeing how they obviously have time to respond to you.
Just because someone doesnt like the same things you do.

jennine said...

omg i hate, hate hate crocs

oddly enough my boyfriend and i are staying at his mother's while she's away on holiday... she has two pairs of crocs, and all the sudden my boyfriend starts wearing them around the house.

now i don't know what's more troublesome, the mom with two pairs of crocs (ok, my mom has a pair, but she's a nurse, and they are strictly for work... you know nurses, crocs or clogs) back to the troublesome, the bf's mum with feet the same size as her 6'3" son. the son who wears his mother's shoes, or the dude who wears crocs, or the mother's shoes that are crocs.

the whole thing is just wrong.

oh, and i put my feet in a pair... they were strangely squishy and comfy, but i'm still too disgusted to do that again.

Madrias said...

I can say I hate Crocs and not be lying, but I can also say I don't hate them and not be lying.


I hate the feel of them, as I prefer tennis shoes, and I hate the bright colors.

But I don't hate the idea, nor the people, who wear them. I've heard people who say my shoes are ugly. I tell them, "These shoes are 3 years old, still comfortable, and can be worn in the rain or snow."

ManD said...

hei, what a nice blog...
I hate crocs as well... but I do thank god for they seem to be developing more eye-friendly models lately...

I arrive at this blog because of a stupid research paper I'm assigned to do by my stupid crocs-wearer lecturer... I'm gonna mention your website in my paper...

keep on hating there...

Anonymous said...

I think I've given up on this sites. It's been 7 months since a last post. What's the point of even paying for the site anymore?!

Anonymous said...

This is mad, I've just been googling as I have these very itchy annoying blisters type rash that appear only when I wear my crocs!!! I'm so disapointed to find that other people are experiencing this and my thoughts that it is the crocs causing this is sad as I've loved them up untill now. Whats weird is that I had only one itchy blister, stopped wearing them, was fine for a bit then I've worn them again for just 2 days and they're now back and multiplying! It never happened for the first few months of wearing them, just something thats started recently. I'm really sad, any more people getting this??? Ali

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Anonymous said...

i HATE crocs too! Finally someone with some sense! oh, and that korean guy's comment..i'm korean too and i'm sooo embsarased:(

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