Thursday, July 23, 2009




Anonymous said...

I think your blog misses the point. I do not wear crocs as a fashion statement, but rather to treat a painful foot condition . My podiatrist recommended them to me and they have helped my constant foot pain. Yes I'm a middle aged women who probably looks funny in them but almost everyone I know who wears them (except children), wear them for comfort. I teach school and I'm on my feet all day and thank the heavens above for the relief they give me!

Anonymous said...

Finally there is some sense in the world. Crocs are something that never should have existed, and the people who wear them need to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror. I couldn't care less if they're more comfortable than life itself. You all look like twats.

Anonymous said...

In that case it's a good thing that Crocs has been releasing so many new designs for their shoes to make them look more "normal" isn't it.

Also, Crocs has much more recently said that they will be able to turn enough of a profit to avoid bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

I blame Tram for their demise here in teh US!
That is all..

Anonymous said...

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