Sunday, June 24, 2007

I think you gives are pretty dumb.

Hello and good day, avengers. As you've read, Vincenzo has left for Italy/Africa for the next many weeks, so I'll be picking up the slack. After all, the war can't be waged by itself, can it? My guess is, no! So, speaking of wars, here are two particularly unfriendly e-mails from (for one reason or another) the same person, who asks us to make fun of her, and I can't help but oblige.
I think you gives are pretty dumb. You are NEVER going to, in a MILLION years, stop the Crocs craze. Sure there ugly. THEY LOOK LIKE CLOWN SHOES!!! But they are comfortable. And they can withstand a good hosedown. AND they are fungus-resistant. And anyone dumb enough to wear them on an escalator will pay the price. THIS SITE IS A WASTE OF TIME, EFFORT, AND INTERNET SPACE!!!! you should be ashamed, sapping people for their money. FOR YOURSELVE!!!!!!Go donate to Greenpeace. In the meantime, I think I will go hug a tree. You probably won't post this, but if you do, I just know you will make fun of me. BAH HUMBUG ON YOU!!!!
And then...

I hear you hate Crocs,huh?
WELL, I HATE YOU WITH A PASSION THAT BURNS THROUGH MY SOUL, WISHING TO KILL YOU ALL!!!! you freaks. You will never stop Crocs. Sure, they can be dangerous. Sure they're ugly. But apparantly 6MILLION+ people don't care. they are comfortable. They are washable. They are fungus resistant. Well, I AM YOU!!! RESISTANT. YOU ARE FIGHTING A LOST CAUSE!!!!
YOU MONEY hogging bimbos!!! GO DONATE TO A REAL CAUSE!!! while you do that, i will go hug a tree.
These lovely words are brought to you by Amber Roberson, who signs herself firstly as a 'tree-hugger' and secondly as a 'registered tree-hugger,' though I'm not sure how that relates to the hatred of plastic shoes. Personally, I'm a fan of 'YOURSELVE!!!!!!' and anyone brave enough to break that many etiquette laws at once.

Luckily, we also have people that are not only like-minded and obviously have hundreds of girlfriends, but type in a manner that doesn't incite rapid vomiting.
I hate crocs and I’ve never seen any footwear that’s uglier. I’d rather walk around with Christmas stockings on my feet. I truly was entertained by your website, even chuckled out loud a few times. I was also absolutely sickened from the depths of my bowels by the people who wrote you nasty emails—what idiots!!! Although it was cool that you posted the negative ones—I wonder if they realize how stupid they are when they read them over again? I bet they don’t. Anyway, I’ll be checking in, keep up the good work.
Thanks for your support, Greg!

Next update... Matrimonial Crocs?


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