Thursday, June 28, 2007

Should anyone object to this union...

Weddings are stressful events. There's so much to do in such a short amount of time - catering, guest lists, reservations, dresses, family crises - that things can occasionally get out of hand. I think that everyone can agree on that. This is why I tried so very hard to try and understand what in the hell was going on with these obviously overwhelmed brides:


I mean, I get that maybe your uncle showed up after fifteen years and got drunk at the open bar, telling everyone about how you used to love to dance naked to Celine Dion when you were six. Maybe your stepmom criticized your dress by saying 'it would have looked so nice if you were just ten pounds thinner.' Maybe your shoes got run over by the limo, or broke on the cobblestone walkway up to the church, but I STILL can't comprehend this:

...And it's not just because of the Mickey Mouse ears, though they do confuse me. Here's one testimonial that is just so awfully misinformed... Well, you read it!

I love Crocs. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I thank my sister, the nurse, for getting me (and my whole family!) hooked. It has been said that all I ever wear is Crocs. This is pretty close to the truth. On my wedding day, I was wearing a nice pair of ivory Cayman Crocs that nicely matched my dress. People looked at me with envy because they knew just how comfortable I was. Keep the Crocs coming!

It's like my work is done for me.


Unknown said...

i'm horrified
i can't believe people would do that to themselves and on their wedding day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah crocs are the uglyest shoes ALIVE!!...but wearing them to your wedding come on now thats just over the top like BIG! time. I hate them as much as you do i'm sure i freak out every time i see someone wearing them. Oh and another thing Kate you are like my idol no joke. I was waitng for someone to atcually say they hate crocs and not be afraid to say they do. About 5 mins ago i read what you said in the daily news and i was like ok now this girl is the best EVER!. Well thats all for now i no i'm going to keep comeing on this site. Well thats all for now byye:)

Anonymous said...

What's your excuse for that hair and shirt? Talk about ugly! :)

jennarus said...

i can't believe anyone would care that much about someone else's shoes... thats what i can't believe

kika said...


I am horrified too! How can people wear those horrible shoes, and HOW, in their wedding day?!?!?!

I know they're expensive, but that doesn't mean that they are cool, or chic, or else!

Oh, gosh..

Anonymous said...

Oh, this should really be forbidden! :S

Crocs are the worst "fashion" I've ever seen in my whole life, and people actually wear them on their very wedding day?! I'm about to explode... what happend to common sense of style? And who on earth did design these plastic neon coloured "footwear"?

They're so bloody ugly!

Kyou said...

Maybe... maybe they're all blind. Yeah, that must be why.

Anonymous said...

oh my god. I am actually in physical pain. i am torn between deep, deep revulsion, and pity. What a way to ruin the most special day of your life. What are these women going to think when they look back on their wedding photos when the crocs craze is over? They will have to reaffirm their vows and pay for another wedding to cover the horrendous mistake. its just EEEEW.

Anonymous said...

CRoCs: Or Craps?

Who care about this on television?