Friday, August 10, 2007

'Crocs link to smugness and idiocy,' says the Daily Mash

An article from the Daily Mash:

WEARING Crocs shoes will transform you from a normal adult into a horribly self-satisfied and “self-consciously whacky tosser”, leading doctors warned last night.

Donning the brightly coloured plastic footwear is likely to make middle class women believe their dress sense is a lot more interesting than it really is, the doctors added.

Their research suggests Crocs may also encourage such women to think they are “a bit kooky” and individual, when in reality they are just wearing stupid shoes aimed at kids, and copying all their friends.

Cherie Jackers, whose parents David and Enid are leading vegetarians and caravanners, said she loved her Crocs and had bought them for all the family.

She said: “When I was at school I was always considered to be a bit of a crazy one and I was forever having to tell my friends to not mind me because I was ‘a bit mad’.

“So you can imagine Crocs are just perfect for me, they show everyone I am not just a sweaty mum with bad hair, but a really interesting individual with interesting and individual taste, just like the millions of other interesting and individual mums who wear Crocs too.”
Mrs Jackers said the shoes were “fantabulous” because she could wear them with anything, including her favourite grey jogging trousers with the bobbles and the saggy bum.

She said: “It doesn’t matter if the colours clash, or if the Crocs look stupid and out of place. In fact that’s the point of them. It just proves I’m totally crazy.”

Chloe Jackers, 11, and her brother Sam, 10, said their mother was “an embarrassment” and that while Crocs were “all right for five year olds I suppose” they were planning to burn theirs and run away from home.

Dr Raj Peshwar, a behaviourial psychologist and expert on the middle classes who conducted the research project, said Mrs Jackers was “unbearably smug” and a “total fucker”. “I hope she dies, horribly,” he added.

On their site, the article is HERE.


Anonymous said...

haha, I loove this site! keep up the good work /a fellow croc-hater

ea6bflyr said...

Your website was featured in the 10 AUG edition of the military paper "Stars & Stripes."

While I do not agree that crocs are the end of the world of fashion, I am glad that you are allowed to voice your opinion via this website.

From Iraq,

BTW, I wear them as shower shoes while transiting the rocks and dirt of Iraq to the shower trailer. Find me a better shower shoe and I will buy it.

Anonymous said...

those little kids know what they're talking about

Anonymous said...

Dear Vincenzo,
I am deeply concerned by your habit of posting items with swear words in them. When Kate posts, she has a very logical habit of NOT posting things (in particular the F word). Since I am not an adult, I would like to keep viewing this site (being a HUGE Croc hater) but if my mom sees swear words on the site she will ban me from it. Please take this into consideration! Save the young viewers!
Onion Hater

Anonymous said...

The above post was clearly made by a concerned mother posing as a child.

Burnt Notions said...

For some reason, suburban adults seem to strap these...things onto their kids--sparing their own feet--and I find this even more heinous than self-mutilation via Crocs. I don't see them as much in cities, but they are around enough to be frightening.

These shoes were made for burning, not walking--keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I found a little blurb in my local newspaper about crocs:
"CROCS MOCKED--Crocs, those colorful rubber clogs, have been banned from Mercy Hospital In Pittsburgh. Workers in patient-care areas must wear shoes without holes."
I would also like to take a moment to mention the fact that while everyone in my family wears crocs, and a few own several pairs *shudder*, I have remained strong and not given in!! I am embarassed to be seen with them in public, and always walk 10 feet behind them, hoping any passerby will see that I am not a part of that group. They obviously have no idea how ugly these "footwear" (if they even deserve to be called that) make their feet appear! How can people be so blind?!

--A Disgusted Croc Hater

I <3!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all I'm not a mother, and second of all, Crocs are like a virus; they overtake the least sensible of people first (George Bush, Hollywood, and popular people at school) and transform them into Croc loving freaks. Upon hearing about their favorite celebrities and role models wearing the detested shoe, blind people then are overtaken. Next comes slightly smarter people, and so on until the entire WORLD is effected by Crocs. But not us! We keep the force! We fight the power! We blend shoes! Stay actice, everyone, and don't forget to tell EVERYONE about your extreme dislike torwards Crocs. See yah!
$Onion Hater$

Tasbeeh said...

I stumbled on your site recently and it certainly has made my day. Finally! Someone who finds those nasty things as horrid and vile as I do! I was honestly doubting the existence of someone, anyone who was not BLIND to the way these crocs mar and disfigure the feet of thousands of helpless kids and (they should know better) adults. I thank you. Your philanthropic work has not gone unnoticed.

funkyduds said...

I was already sold, but consider me re-sold :)

Anonymous said...

Well I can see that "RACISM" dosn't stop at persons skin color. It contiunes to what they have on there feet. I just love how people bitch about stupid stuff. IF YOU DON'T LIKE CROCS THEN YOU DON'T BUY THEM! Most people on this blog hate crocs because, they hate themselves and anybody that doesn't like what they like. Its really SAD that a pair of shoes brings out this much hate! Well I geuss this world is still full of stupid people. Good day Gov.

Anonymous said...

Well as you can all see that people who hate Crocs are just plan full of hate. Oh and the "RASCISM" comment was just a metophor. Oh and the next time you quote me make sure its right. All you have to do is scoll up and look at what I typed is that to hard, well I geuss it was for you. And what you don't know how to spell idiot and what's with "cz" is the word "cause" to hard for you to spell.

Anonymous said...

If you bought anything from this site your even worse then people who like Crocs. This person is just trying to make money on hateing Crocs, and your all buying it. Now thats sad. And not to mention that there are links to go and buy Crocs at the bottom of this page proves it. The fact is that Crocs are paying for this site and making the creator money. And its all thanks to Crocs.

Anonymous said...

For gods sake why the hell did u come on this site if your just gonna moan at us. whats wrong with u!?!?!?!
We dont hate any1 who doesn't like what we like. This isn't high school. Its more about pitying those poor unfortunate souls who actually think they dont look like complete losers, wearing neon foam/plasticky clogs!
Oh yeah. the "cz" thing? thats because some of us have a social life and dnt have time to sit 4 hours typing!!!!!!
Seriously though get a life!
(I bet u wear crocs) BURN!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's too much useless rambling on a thing that is supposed to fit in ANY foot. If you don't know, there are lots of people with issues about not being able to wear those horrid pointy shoes with high heels, or even getting their feet "smashed" in those docksides and chucks. In fact, the uncomfortable chucks are also a trend. Having smelly feet became a trend, thanks to chucks. I don't hate them, I think they're cool. But not comfy. That's why I like Crocs, no matter how ugly you claim they are.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

actually chucks are very comfy! the reason for which they don't feel all fluffy and stretchy is that they are actual shoes. FOR WALKING. on the street! unlike crocs

Anonymous said...

Meh, These are just comfortable shoes. I haven't wore my real shoes since I got these last summer. I thought they were kind of... For the gays at first though, But after wearing them I decided I don't care what sort of ridicule I get, these are the best things my feet ever slipped into. I can see why people think they're ugly, I guess. I don't know, I'm a guy... I don't give a shit about what I wear as long as it's comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Well I hated crocs when I first heard of them and still do. BUT they are (unfortunatley) very comfortable to wear for work etc..... in the summer!
They SHOULD carry a warning when it's raining because they are a health hazard!
When it decideds to rain they are leathal! Many times I have been caught out in summer rain and fallen flat on my ar*se and damaged knees,ankles and many other body parts. There should be a warning on all pairs before being sold to the general public!
I value my knee's and will be throwing both pairs out!!!!