Wednesday, August 22, 2007

palpable anger and ihatecrocs in the christian science monitor

We're in the Christian Science Monitor. You can't tell from the article, but my interview with this reporter was the best I've done. Interviews aren't that easy, I'll have you know. But I'm getting better at them. Also, the reporter asked some good questions. Plus, it is always fun to make a reporter laugh. The parts that mention us:
And on, Vincenzo Ravina and Kate Leth devote an entire website "to the elimination of Crocs and those who think their excuses for wearing them are viable."

Ask Mr. Ravina why he finds Crocs so objectionable, and then take a breath. "They are exceedingly ugly. They are chunky, luridly colored, perforated, and overall, an eyesore," he replies. "They are to your eyes what second-hand smoke is to your lungs."

Ravina, a college student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, scoffs at testaments to the comfort of Crocs. "My bathrobe is comfortable," he says. "But I don't wear it to the supermarket. You have to respect other people's aesthetic."

He and fellow blogger Ms. Leth have clearly struck a chord with their website, which they created a year ago on a whim and now gets at least 1,000 visitors a day. "I didn't expect it to take off the way it did," he says. They also do a brisk business selling T-shirts and buttons, with logos like "Friends don't let friends wear Crocs," and more simply, "I hate Crocs."


As long as their popularity persists, devoted Crocs haters say they'll continue with their venom, too. Ravina thinks the fad will soon fade – "look at the Macarena," he says.
HERE is the full article. It's worth a read.

And we've got an email from the lovely Danielle, who knows me in real true life and gives me a ride home from work sometimes:
Today I went to Cirque Du Soleil. Seeing as this was somewhat of a Cultured Event I took the time out of my day to wear some nice clothes, and try to look decent. I wore some nice shoes, they were not crocs. In the time that we were waiting in front of The Metro Center and when the show actually officially started, I saw no less than 10 pairs of Crocs on the feet of those attending the show. Now, I won't even begin to start in on those people who chose to dress as if they were going to soccer practice or had just woken up. What I want to focus on are the twin boys (about age 10 or so) who were wearing dress pants and dress shirts with BLACK CROCS! As well as the old woman who was wearing a nice skirt and blouse... with WHITE CROCS! The best part about the woman with the white Crocs were her jibbits. Those stupid little "decorations" that people stick into the holes of their Crocs in hopes that they will make them a little less hideous, when in fact, all they do is make them look uglier. These jibbits were the epitome of all jibbits, they were the creme du la creme of jibbit-dom! They were very large fake pearls surrounded by a ruffle of gold! So beautiful! They really made the outfit, I tell you... So, you have it here! Crocs have made it into the realm of "dress shoes" all you need is fancy jibbits!
These descriptions make me shudder like few things can. Crocs are ungodly, everyone. Jibbitz, too. Just stop. Please. Come join us and make the world a less ugly place. All of the arguments mentioned in the below post are secondary to the number one concern we have. They make me want to put my eyes out with brooches. Who got that reference?


Anonymous said...

Wow. At last there is nothing left to say.

Oh, and Oedipus, I believe.

Anonymous said...

If you bought anything from this site your even worse then people who like Crocs. This person is just trying to make money on hateing Crocs, and your all buying it. Now thats sad. And not to mention that there are links to go and buy Crocs at the bottom of this page proves it. The fact is that Crocs are paying for this site and making the creator money. And its all thanks to Crocs.

Anonymous said...

Some people are paranoid.
Kate and Vincenzo didn't make this site to make money. It's to make people laugh.
And crocs didn't make this website, that's just silly.
And I don't see any crocs ads, but they are probably google ads. Those just look at the most used words on the page and advertise them. Obviously, crocs are mentioned quite a bit in this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well that fact is that if there was no Crocs this site would not be here. And they are in it for the money or why would them even mention that they have a shop were you can buy "I hate Crocs" anything. Sounds like there making money to me.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading comments from croc haters who say that other shoes are more comfortable but they never mention names. Where are these shoes? I've tried expensive sandals, cheap sandals and everything in between. Crocs are the only sandals that don't make my feet hurt. I was a croc hater until I bought a pair. I wanted to see if the claims about comfort were true. Crocs are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I can walk for hours in them and my feet feel fine. To the croc haters, have you ever tried them on? What's more important to you, fashion or comfort? I'm not saying people should walk around in slippers/ pjs and sweats.. crocs are fine for casual wear. I certainly wouldn't wear them to church or with dressy clothes.

Anonymous said...

Well said! Oh and why not wear slippers/pjs and anything else out in public. I know why, becuase all these Croc haters care about what other people think about them. Which makes them a bunch of possers. Be yourself Croc haters!

Katie said...

Yeah, I was a croc hater too until I got a pair.

Now I love 'em so much, they ain't comin' off.

I mean, I've never cared about looks before, so why start now? I'm a dork and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

I have hated cros since the first. They may be comfortable but are so completely ugly I would never own any. I didnt think it was possible for them to get uglier but the little charms do just that. Oh yah and it is weird that at the bottom of the page are links for crocs and their hideous little accessories. Sponsors should have been for woodchippers to throw those stupid shoes in.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was once a Croc hater. I agree they are hideous. I resisted as long as I could. But the truth is, they fit my needs perfectly. If I found a better shoe for my needs, I'd dump them in a second. But I've looked, and there isn't any.

I hate flip-flops; I need a casual shoe with some toe protection. I live in a very wet city, and need something that won't be ruined by stepping in a rain puddle. I've ruined several pairs of more expensive sandals this way.

I need something that won't make my feet stink after a few hours. Crocs don't require special deodorizers. You can spray a little alcohol on them, or run them under the bathtub tap. Dry them off and you're good to go. No freezing or sun baking required.

Come up with a shoe that meets these conditions, and I'll buy it. The world will buy it.

Really. Please.

Anonymous said...

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