Monday, July 16, 2007

Media buzz, holy hellcats

I'm sure there are several dozen blogging rules against posting so often at night, but here in the manor, things are done differently.

Today I was interviewed by both CBC radio and a local paper, the Daily News. They were first interviews in person, as it's usually people from the States or far away lands that like to contact us via telephone. I'm anticipating being regarded poorly by the moms of our fair city for the next couple of days, if the story runs.

All of this attention is (I'm assuming) due to our mention in the New York Times. It's very bizarre, I must say. Today we were mentioned in an article on, with this charming image:

I'm that guy's expression, the one on the right. Is that right? I get my directions confused since the war. Don't ask me to try and tell eggs from light switches either, oh boy.

At any rate, I'm pretty beat from all this unexpected interest, so here are just a few of the many kind words we've received today:
Your website is an absolute delight. Sometimes I find it hard to believe there is anyone else who hates crocs more than myself, but alas, I have found one. Thanks for the website & please continue berating this truly heinous looking foot attire.
Hello! I was drawn to your website after reading the article the NYTimes. Coincidentally, my husband, sister and I happened to be sitting around the other day musing about how stupid and ugly Crocs are. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we're not the only 3 people in America who refuse to wear them.

Anyway, while reading your blog (specifically the comment by the misguided Amber Roberson who implies that 6 million people can't be wrong), I thought of a quote I once read in the Wall Street Journal (I'm not sure who actually coined this phrase, and I'm probably paraphrasing): If sixty million people believe in a dumb idea, it doesn't mean it's not a dumb idea.
Oh, Amber. You crazy kid! She's e-mailed us since then with more angry messages, but they're less entertaining, so I haven't posted them. Sorry, Amber, but if you're going to be irate, at least make some more spelling mistakes. I'm pretty sure you didn't use enough exclamation marks. Next time, hey? Keep huggin' those trees. You're alright.

More tomorrow, probably, but for now I have several dozen episodes of the X-Files to catch up on, as well as finishing up with that partridge-breeding disaster in the lounge. Carry on, my wayward sons.


Anonymous said...

I hate crocs too. Let's spread some bad bad rumors about them like . . . sweatshops and shit. I know liberals love them.

Anonymous said...

crocs should b called craps!!!!!!!!!
ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Bentley H said...

Thiss is awesome