Wednesday, September 26, 2007

kate turns 19

Yes, Kate turns 19 today. You guys know Kate. She's the co-founder of this website and posted a whole lot while I was away in Italy/Tunisia/England for five weeks. She's the one cutting up the yellow Croc in our Cuttin' Crocs video? Remember? She's in the burning Crocs video with me? Guys? She's got a tattoo of a cupcake on the back of her neck?

Do you remember her yet? No? Whatever. Anyway, she's 19 today. Awesome, right?

Here is a random assortment of emails:
Ive worked for the company for about a year now and i could not agree with you more. I have to wear them day in and day out and i've never hated anything more than these shoes. I hate having to lie to people and say that I like them. Cause they're just hideous foul beast who shouldn't have existed in the first place. Plus people who buy them are retarded in all sense of the word.
UR MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what? Doing what you do really stinks. You can stop your cruddy website now. If you don't, do something about it.. Also, You make me the saddest person alive. Crocs RULE! : P
Spencer Gwakslenshbeild

you people are a freaking joke! This is the dumbest thing to do with ones life that I've ever heard of. What the heck would make people, seemingly intelligent people, create a website such as this "I hate Crocs". Get a freaking life and pursue some worthwhile effort with the time the Lord has given you.
Surely you are putting the world on!!
Well, there's not much one can say to the latter two people who emailed us other than "Chill out, guys. It's Kate's birthday."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! May you be blessed with many more Croc-hating years!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Kate! Keep on blogging for us!
(Awesome tatoo by the way!)

rsamuelson said...

you, sir, are my hero. keep fighting the good fight. Have you ever heard the story of the man who tried to trim his hedges with his lawnmower? When I heard it, I pictured him wearing crocs because people who are stupid enough to wear crocs are stupid enough to cut their hedges with a lawnmower.

Anonymous said...

**sigh** This site has so little posts lately!

Anonymous said...

OH, and by the way, Happy B-day! Enjoy it (even though it was a while ago)!!

Anonymous said...

Well Happy B-day(even though you hate crocs) This site will die soon enough. Just like Hitler and his German Nazis, and the Berlin Wall, this site and your fight will fall.