Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hi gang.

I'll be updating with less frequency because school has started back up again and, as you may already know, I am a journalism student by day. Yes, I Hate Crocs Dot Com takes up only a sliver of my time. And since winter is coming soon, the Crocs will thankfully be going away. Apologies to those in Australia and other such places, for whom summer is coming.

I was recently at a party trying to get a cork out of a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Anyway, eventually I forced the cork into the bottle and fountain of red wine spurted forth and a couple drops landed on my white shirt. I soaked those parts with water and then put some dish detergent on the spots and then washed away the detergent with water. Which reminds me of this email we got:

Hi I just want to share a story about Crocs that I sent to the company but keeps being returned from there web site. This is something that happened to me this summer.

Hi I have a comment about your croc footwear. I received a pair of crocs for father’s day this year I wear them around the yard while doing chores .And I wear them when I go to the camp. On July 21/07 while at the camp I was wearing my crocs and it was raining all day and I noticed that they were very slippery on the wet deck, a slip here and there. Later that evening I was coming down a grass covered hill and it was still raining. The next thing I was on the ground holding a broken ankle. I am starting to believe that crocs are a dangerous product. I finally got my cast off two weeks ago and still not feeling great. Why would you sell a product that has no traction and that is very slippery when wet? These were purchased at a marine supply store, all these people buying them there to wear on their boats where it is wet most of the time. This seemed to be a great product but I think I may have to do a little more research on this kind of problem with crocs, and decide if I will release my story to all. I would be nervous to wear them again. Your input to this problem would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin

So I can not get a response to this I want to share with every one. I HATE CROCS

Thanks kevin

And there you have it.

Cruggs are horrifying and I liken them to how we are breeding superbugs on account of the proliferation of antibacterial products.


Anonymous said...

....are cruggs just croc slippers????

you all have been an inspiration, i cannot tell you how much you've made me laugh!

crocs should be banned from the earth!!

Anonymous said...


If these monstrous mutated cross-breedings catch on... I think this site's not gonna get much of a winter holiday.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

hi there. I agreed with you in principle. BUT, I was in Miami beach last weekend, and saw these fantastic crocs winter military colored (photo on my blog)...and I bought them...and since I was at it, I also bought the winter crocs with fur in it, both for myself and my gfriend...I had never seen them in Europe.

Real - life review of the summer ones: well, they are indeed comfortable. But they gave me a blister on my left foot.

But most of all, I think they look REALLY COOL, at least in this colour.

By the way, in Europe Crocs cost a fortune: 45 Euros (62 dollars!!!!!). That's why i never bought them here...

Anonymous said...

i'll scooch around in my crocs in the winter. ya...yuh-huh.

Anonymous said...

People won't stop wearing Crocs in the cold weather. It'll be like stupid girls wearing flip flops in the snow. Or worse, it'll be trendy to wear Crocs with socks, like Adidas sandals.

Isatruc said...

Yeah! I saw them!

Our agency even did a publicity for them!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin you are so stupid. First you where slipping around on a wood deck. Mmmm...mold grows on wood, you can slip on wood wearing hiking boots. Duh. Second you then went down a "Grass hill" lets look at that for a moment. What does grass grow in? Mmm...DIRT and what happens to dirt when it gets wet? Mmm...IT TURNS TO MUD. Oh it does? Yep. And what do we know about mud? No matter what kind of shoe you have on, you will slide down a muddy hill. Includeing hikeing boots which are made for hills, dirt and mud. So what have we learned from this? Ummm...If you fall and get hurt blame what ever kind of shoe you have on your feet. No thats not right. Oh. Blam yourself. Really. Yep. Just like the person who slipped and fell and broke a hip on the snow, Wearing Snow Boots. Did that person blame the Snow Boots? Umm..No. Thats right. So to all the stupid people in the world don't go out in public please. No I'm serious just stay home.

Fenniicus said...

If the Crocs were advertised as marine footwear, they better as hell be safe to wear when wet. If they're not advertised as marine footwear, but a marine store is selling them, that's a problem with the owner and not the company. However, I do agree that the shoes provide little to no traction - which can be dangerous in even the least slippery of surfaces, such as when walking on linoleum.

Anonymous said...

to that amber roberson person....WHO GIVES A DAMN! Crocs suck, they make your feet turn whatever color of croc your wearing. and she needs to work on her spelling

also as an added side note visit my blog at

Anonymous said...

Those Cruggs are vile - they're like rubber granny slippers or something! :/

Say no to Cruggs, kids...

Charmed by Crocs said...

After reading your article, I can't help but chuckle at the image of you wrestling with a wine bottle and the unexpected red wine mishap on your white shirt. Your storytelling never fails to entertain! It's both amusing and relatable how life's little incidents can tie into the most unexpected themes, like the slipperiness of Crocs.

Speaking of Crocs, that email from Kevin certainly gives one pause. It's unfortunate to hear about his accident and the lack of traction in wet conditions. Safety should always be a priority, especially for a product that's become so widespread. I can't help but agree with your clever comparison between Crocs and the proliferation of antibacterial products leading to superbugs. It's a thought-provoking connection that highlights the unintended consequences of certain trends.

Thank you for sharing these anecdotes and insights, and keep up the fantastic work in journalism school! By the way, if anyone's looking for a trendy and comfortable alternative to Crocs, they might want to check out for some stylish options. Wishing you a fantastic semester ahead!