Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Hate Crocs Dot Com in the news

I was recently interviewed for an article on Crocs and it ran in the St. Petersburg Times today. It has a strong anti-Crocs slant!


You know them. You love them. Or, you hate them with a passion that burns from the darkest corner of your soul.

"They offend our eyes and bamboozle our friends," said Vincenzo Ravina, a 19-year-old from Nova Scotia who started the Web site with his girlfriend. "Croc-wearers are kind of like cultists."


Ravina, whose Web site includes footage of a solemn Croc burning in a field, doesn't buy the comfort line.

"Bathrobes are comfortable. I don't wear my bathrobe to the grocery store. And on a really hot day, you don't see me running around with no clothes on at all, though I'm sure that would be comfortable. Crocs are the same thing."

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