Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time to clear out the old email box

Well, the emails have been piling up. Ticker tapes spills out all over the floor, snaking this way and that. We can scarcely find the beginning of the tape in the confusion. Thus, I think it is a good idea for me to post some emails.

Firstly, our good friend Kai sent us a link to article about Crocs being banned in Sweden. HERE it is.

Secondly, we got an email from our other close, personal friend, McKinley Gillespie:

Hi, I'm a student from Auburn University and I've recently adopted our chapter of the Facebook group, "Just Say No To Crocs." I've put a link to your website in the "Homepage" section, because I think that what you're doing is wonderful. A dangerous notion seems to be spreading; people are beginning to think that Crocs are fading away. What they don't realize is that summer is just around the corner, marking the one-year anniversary of the Croc Regime's dramatic and unexpected rise -- who's to say that in one month's time they won't be recklessly roaming the streets of our nation once more? Those hideous things blew up (though unfortunately not literally) last summer, and my keen instincts tell me that they're going to do it again. Revolutionaries like us need to work together to keep the word spreading. Che Guevara; Nelson Mandela; the Dalai Lama; Rosa Parks; the Google Guys; none of them were afraid to be remarkable or to instill a profound change upon the face of the world. One day, we'll go down in history with them. In the great words of that wise Ancient Grecian, Aesop, "United we stand; divided we fall. Oh, and fuck Crocs."

Thirdly, from my best friend, Megan Ashcraft:

Y'all do realize you're just giving Crocs free word-of-mouth advertising right? Anything that creates a buzz about their product will eventually end up benefiting them. From what I have read on your blog, I have seen no convincing reasons not to purchase a pair of Crocs. In fact, knowing that somewhere out there, my purchase is irking the hell out of some uptight person who thinks they have a right to dictate what I wear, actually makes me want to buy them more. You know, the whole foods store around the corner from me sells these things. I think I'll go buy a pair right now.

Fourthly, from my four wives and brother, Alex, Ana, Elana, Lindsay and Robert:

I recently discovered your site and I must say what you do is a veritable social service. You should recieve federal funding for educating the public. Anyway, Oberlin College is located in Oberlin Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. It is a hotbed for radical leftist politics, gender neutral bathrooms, streaking, veganism...and crocs. Now that the sun is out, so are the crocs. So some of my friends and I went crocs hunting this weekend! I have attached a sampling of the Oberlin crocs.
And lastly, our adopted child, Jesse Tarlton made us this picture in Illustrator:


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NO NO! put the fire under it. This makes it look like it's 'HOT'!