Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Hate Crocs mentioned in Maclean's magazine

Very few things cause my eyes to widen and subsequently my monocle to drop and subsequently my brandy to be expelled from my mouth violently, but these three things happened in quick succession very recently. But what could elicit these alarming responses?

In the library, yesterday, Kate was reading through issues of all of the latest major newsmagazines, whilst I sat amidst the books with authors whose surnames began with M and flipped through a copy of Life of Pi, which is quite a nice little book and the best Canadian novel I've read. Kate, truly out of character, broke the silence and solitude of the library with the great bellow, "HEY HEY HEY OUR SITE IS IN MACLEAN'S!" Naturally my monocle fell to the ground and was followed by showers of brandy.

I started and stumbled and scampered toward Kate and she pointed to a paragraph on page 42 that said:

In addition to the hospital bans, there are other signs of a Crocs backlash. has made its mission "eliminating Crocs and those who think that their excuses for wearing them are viable." A recent post stresses the impending resurgence of summertime Crocs: "Like cockroaches crawling out from beneath the ruin of the apocalypse, Crocs are back." Videos on YouTube demonstrate similar disdain for the shoes.

We here at I HATE CROCS DOT COM are very pleased to have been mentioned in such a lovely publication. Maclean's is like Canada's equivalent of Time magazine, for those of you not in the know. Readers of Maclean's, thank you for visiting us. Please email us with your crepe recipes! In Canada, crepes are the new ice cream. You can't get ice cream anymore. It is all about crepes, now. Our three children, Violet, Xerxes and Zooey cry and cry for the crepes long into the night, their shrieking reverberating through the halls. Sleep does not come easy. The crepes are so delicious.

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