Sunday, May 27, 2007

We apologize in advance to the legitimately unstable.

Hello again, vigilantes. I'd like to (or rather, feel that I must) share with you a recent horrifying experience. Vincenzo and I, on our way home from the Groceries Shoppe, sat to wait for the bus (our horse-drawn carriage was in the Mechanic's Shoppe). It was a fine day and the sun was shining as we sat with bags of nourishment, until she came along.

A woman, altogether frightening and loud, came to us and decided that we wanted to talk to her. She wandered about feverishly. She babbled incoherently. In short, she was at least somewhat unstable. We couldn't figure out what to do until we saw her feet:

It was true. It was awful. It was real. It was trapped next to us in a four-foot glass cube. This foam-footed crazy was upon us and we were blinded with fear and rage for at least seven minutes. Luckily, the bus came and, upon realizing that she did not want to take the bus, she wandered away. Did she know? Was she sent?

All we know is... It's getting to their minds. We can only hope that in removing her shoes, she can some day regain her sanity.

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