Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vincenzo is back

Hello again, everyone.

Vincenzo, here. I am back from Europe, which is where I have been for the past five weeks. I must say, Kate has been doing a really great job on the site in my absence. It truly is nice to be back at the manor after being away for so long. I missed the long hallways, the rows and rows of books in the library and the ticker tape machines pumping out our email.

And wow, we've had a lot of email. And a lot of media mentions. And interviews. Kate has been taking them on single-handedly, which just goes to show you what a trooper she is. And that hate mail that attacked how she looks and sounds? Goodness, I was shocked and appalled when I read that. As has been pointed out, that person's allegations were patently absurd.

In my travels, I saw Crocs in Venice, in Tunisia, in London and in all places in between. I talked to locals in Italy and they were shocked and disturbed to hear that in North America, people wear Crocs to the mall, to the movies, to the restaurants and to other such places. In a beautiful city like Venice, the last thing one needs to see is an ugly Croc. They don't belong near beautiful things.

So, keep up the good fight, readers. Wherever you are in the world, keep opposing those wretched "shoes". And if you have purchased a t-shirt or pin from our shop, send us a picture. We love to see our campaign in action.


Anonymous said...

Crocs are indeed horrid! I applaud this step you and your lovely co-author have taken to rid the world of this ugliness.

One thing I've noticed...the people who are oh so fond of Crocs are the same folks who swooned for Yellowbox shoes just two years ago. We all should have taken note of their horrible taste back then...

Anonymous said...

If you bought anything from this site your even worse then people who like Crocs. This person is just trying to make money on hateing Crocs, and your all buying it. Now thats sad. And not to mention that there are links to go and buy Crocs at the bottom of this page proves it. The fact is that Crocs are paying for this site and making the creator money. And its all thanks to Crocs.